Omigod. Today was soooo hard.

I know the great hoss that is my husband even has tough days, so I’m trying to look at it positively. He finds the fact that my arms are still shaky a half hour after I finished “proves I’m pushing myself.” I just think it’s disturbing, but I’m trying to, as the Weight Watchers say, “reframe.”

Even as I type this, my little finger is twitching, having trouble meeting the few demands a keyboard makes on it.

But I did it, damn it, even though I dreaded it most of the day. And what was the pebble that made me actually work out today, even though I felt drained all day? I only needed one more day to earn that bloody foot rub.

Earned, but not received. He’s out-of-town today. If he hesitates a microsecond when it’s time to collect, I may club him with the bloody hyperlite bar, now that I can actually lift it.


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