EOM weigh in: disappointing, but not the end

Posted: June 1, 2011 in CrossFit, Health, Obesity, Weight Loss
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So yesterday was the end-of-month weigh-in. I keep telling myself that it might have been better had I not allowed myself to be talked into playing beer pong the day before, Memorial Day, but it still was annoying. I really wish now I’d taken measurements before I started, because my husband swears that he sees progress and my clothes do seem slightly looser after a month plus of CrossFit consistency and logging my food, but I don’t have any empirical evidence.

So here’s the bummer news:

Weight: 241.8 (-0.2 pounds)

Fat: 49.4% (-1.6%)

Water: 37% (+1%)

Bust: 46″

Upper arm: 16″

Waist: 42″

Hips: 53″ (Yes, I am a fat-bottomed girl; always have been, always will be. When I was young and relatively thin, I used to joke that if you turned my butt around I’d look pregnant; the joke was on me when, during my first pregnancy, I put my preggers pants on backwards and they fit fine.)

Thigh: 30″ (Good God. That’s what my waist once was, long, long ago in a galaxy … you know the rest.)

So I spent the day, a rest day, being a couch potato and thinking about eating everything in the refrigerator. I didn’t, but that’s probably because we’ve been pretty good about stocking only healthy foods in there, and I was too bummed to go get ice cream. My family was great; pretty much each one of them said, when I whined about my lack of weight loss, “But you are doing well. Don’t let the scale rule you.”

Yeah, I keep telling myself that. I know that water weight can make a five pound difference during a single day. But at less than a pound a month, I’m looking at somewhere between 8-9 years to get to my goal. I know what my husband would say: “You’ll get there anyway; might as well be losing the weight along the way.” Or something to that effect. Too bad I was a fan of the hare and not the turtle.

But I still wanted to see that damn scale move. A lot.  Damn you, conditioning! I so want to be free of looking at the scale as arbiter of success, but I see I have a long way to go yet.


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