On working out outside — at least sort of

Posted: June 8, 2011 in CrossFit, Exercise, Fitness, Health
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I work out in our home garage gym. When multiple people are trying to work out at once, we end up spilling into the backyard and the driveway (I often wonder what people think when they can’t see us but hear all the grunting and moaning coming from the garage. No one’s inquired).

I have always been an indoor person unless I was in “the great outdoors.” Just being outside in the neighborhood was never a draw for me, probably because it ended up in games involving running, and I was invariably the slowest kid in any group. I became a bookworm before I started kindergarten and never saw the reason for changing.

My son was equally an indoor person, but his addiction was video games (appropriate for his generation; I was thrilled when he became an adult that there were actually paying jobs for that skill). And, like me, he developed a bunch of seasonal allergies as well as dust allergies. We all can recount the many consecutive years of his runny eyes, clogged nose and general misery.

But he no longer suffers from them. I have two hypotheses for this, neither of which I can substantiate with objective evidence or double-blind tests. First, he joined the Air Force. Oddly enough, they work in all weather all year ’round. I’m thinking that seven years of being outside on a regular basis did the same for him that allergy shots do: exposure to the allergens finally made his body realize they were nothing to fear.

Second, he married a fabulous woman with great housekeeping skills. She has the superpower of getting rid of dust. (The less said about my housekeeping skills, the better. Earlier this week, I had to get my husband to teach me how to use a squeegee.) So the lack of dust plus the exposure to the great outdoors seem to have helped him.

So here we are in South Texas, with pollens to make you sneeze and water all year. Austin and San Antonio regularly vie for top spot for allergists; we’ve got way more than the per capita income of our city should support. Pretty much everyone gets allergies within two-three years of moving here. Anyway, for me, the worst of the seasonal allergies are the summer grasses, which have begun to spread their nasty pollen: pigweed, ragweed and pretty much all those noxious weeds.

And it’s hot. And it will get hotter. San Antonio basically only has those two seasons: hot and not-so-hot, with 3-4 days of actual cold weather during which we all freak out, particularly if it is accompanied with any precipitation, as no one around here knows how to drive on ice.

Anyway, I’m not exactly the kind of person to think working out in the yard and garage would be fun. And now that it is getting to be hot plus allergenic out there, I’m trying to see the best of it. Maybe I won’t just get exercise fit, maybe I’ll get allergy and weather-hardened. That would be cool, too.


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