June 2011 EOM weigh in: progress at last

Posted: June 30, 2011 in CrossFit, Health, Obesity, Weight Loss
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As I mentioned earlier this month, I could tell I was making progress by various ways other than the scale. But today, the end-of-month weigh-in, I woke up feeling like crap. I’ve had a rhinovirus for a couple of weeks now; I thought it was about over but today woke up with chills and then a low grade fever. Generally felt bloated, achey, overheated and not quite able to think straight.

But I still managed to get on the scale and do the measurements. Although I should be cheering, all I feel is a vague “Well, it’s about time.”

So here are the metrics:

Weight: 233.2 (-8.6 pounds)

Fat: 49.4% (no change)

Water: 36.8 (down from 37%)

Bust: 46″ (no change)

Upper arm: 15″ (-1″)

Waist: 42″ (no change)

Hips: 52.25″ (-.75″)

Thigh: 28.75 (-1.25″)

Just for grins, I added a few more measurements to track:

Wrist: 6 5/8″

Ankle: 9 5/8″

Neck: 15 3/8″

Here I’ve spent all this time wanting the scale to change, and when it does, I can’t get excited about it. Maybe it’s because there’s still so far to go, maybe it’s because I’m sick, maybe it’s because I still haven’t convinced myself that this is going to be a permanent change.

Whatever. I still get to buy new clothes soon, and that’s always a plus.


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