Elegy on a migraine

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Health
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Oh bitter pain, why do you stay and stutter in my head,

You’d left to dry up and seek me no more; why return?

You know I like you not, to encourage your attentions,

Yet you pound against me like the sea’s rough hands,

Battering all the senses, leaving nothing but your touch.

The bright lights I crave you banish,

Thoughts turn to decayed insect wings

And the best intentions die of starvation.

No matter that I know you will turn surely as the tide,

While you ride my skull, time is jellied eternity.

Things pass by as if I were already in my grave,

Yet they snag on my brambled temper and fray

When I would have them cheerfully whole.

A celebration, the laughter loud in the distance

As you amplify my hearing to pain,

Makes me empty and wondering what is yet possible.

In anger and pain, I tally my disappointments;

Is there yet time to mend my mistakes?

Or has the time passed for hope?

Only the pounding surf of blood in my ears answers,

And I seek darkness once again.


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