Pain and other challenges

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

You know your life is in a weird place when you hope you win the lottery so you can go to a fancy-schmancy in-patient clinic for pain management.

As you may have noticed, it’s been months since I last published. There are lots of reasons for that, but the two most significant barriers have been that the appendages hanging off my shoulders have not been very cooperatve of late and I’ve been too brain-drained to figure out how to work the dictation applications.

I believe I left off with the left knee injury and the comments of Dr. Blindingly Obvious. Things started getting much worse: the  injury triggered a return of my fibromyalgia in a way that I was unaware it could. Up until this flare, the worse it had ever been was no more than how it feels the day after you’ve ridden a horse after some time: you hurt everywhere, and you’re stiff, but it’s all within tolerable paramaters…except that the stiff and sore in riding (or working out) goes away after a day or two, but the fibro decides to hang around for as long as it wants.

I haven’t had a major flare in, oh, a decade or so…when I was first diagnosed with it. Any flare since then has been short in duration and relatively low key. I’d just find that one day putting up the dishes hurt my shoulders for a few days, and i’td be over.

This one was different. It started with muscle cramping. I don’t mean twitching (I get those, too, but they’re just a wretched nuisance, particularly when they decide to dance on your face, but not painful). These were full-on Charlie-horse type cramps, the kind I was first prescribed Flexiril for after a bad water-skiing fall. But they weren’t like most cramps I’ve had. They’d start in one place, say the right calf, and then take it on the road: left shoulder, lower right back, left thigh, a random foot. I’d look like I had St. Vitus Dance when when of these damn chaining things happened.

So I went to my wonderful internest, whose first thought was that the massive amount of drugs I’m taking had finally pissed off my liver. So I was given the lab slip and waited, cramping along but laying off the CrossFit because any exercise was setting it off.

As you may have gathered, it was not my liver. What is wrong with you when your reaction is “Well, damn, my liver’s just frickin’ fine”?

To avoid the TL;DR reaction (Thanks to my son, I now know of this), this post shall be continued.

  1. Laura Mc says:

    glad to see your posting again! I missed the encouragement!

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