Ditto: High-intensity interval training

Posted: June 2, 2012 in CrossFit, Exercise, Fitness, Weight Loss
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After yesterday’s long-winded post, I thought a short one might be in order. And it’s a fabulous graphic from Greatist that summarizes why something like CrossFit is a great way to workout, as it’s a form of  high-intensity interval training incorporating the Tabata method (the only thing I disagree with is the implication that it can’t be scaled for the sedentary, out-of-shape, old fattie):

More Health and Fitness News & Tips at Greatist.

Read. Enjoy.

  1. David Tao says:

    Hi Jodi,

    David with Greatist here. Thanks so much for the repost and your comments on our site. It’s fantastic to hear from our readers, and we hope you stay in touch.


    David Tao
    Senior Editor, Greatist

  2. Carrie says:

    Every night I log on to read your amazing posts. We each have our own struggles, thank you for sharing. I hope all is well since you haven’t posted in a few days.

    • Thanks for the well-wishes, Carrie. Actually, I’m struggling with some sort of virus that’s got me feverish enough I haven’t been able to put together a post. Hoping to get past it soon.

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