CrossFit shopping lust! Good thing that holiday thing is coming up …

Posted: November 8, 2012 in CrossFit
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No, I’m not talking about equipment. I’m talking about AWESOME graphic design.

You’ve probably seen Carly Söderström’s work if you have liked any CrossFit-related Facebook pages. I have been trying to track down this designer since I saw the infographic she did explaining the fundamentals of CrossFit; unfortunately, it wasn’t attributed.

[Note to graphic designers: Get your website name on your graphics and watermark the bloody things so you can earn what your creativity deserves!]

Everything on her gallery is gorgeous, and she is does have a storefront for her posters and such at!/~/category/id=0&inview=category3441185&offset=0&sort=normal.

Go, enjoy! Lust away!



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