About the CrossFit fattie

Visiting the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Really jazzed that I was able to climb the tower without needing breaks or breathing heavily at the top.

I’m a 51-year-old woman trying to achieve something I’ve never managed in my life, despite lots of failed attempts: a consistent fitness regime. CrossFit is a scalable cross-training program with documented overall success, and applies to the morbidly obese (I began the program at 242 lbs) and chronically unathletic.

My husband is a certified CrossFit instructor who has always been in good shape and is determined to help me meet this goal, even to the point of agreeing to giving me incentives, like (mmmm) foot rubs.

This blog recounts my reflections on my journey, and is also an attempt to keep myself motivated despite my fears. I’m too self-conscious to attempt CrossFit in public; this is a way to make the attempt public without requiring me to show up in front of people with only my workout shorts and a shirt for protection.

I applaud any of you who willing to go out to a facility if you share my issues, and would love to hear about your experiences, good, bad or ugly, either as a comment or a private email.

For more on my choice of the word “fattie,” please see “The F-word.” If you have questions or comments you’d like to ask in private, please email me at crossfitfattie at earthlink.net.

For those of you who may be interested, I’ve been an attorney, educator and writer. I volunteer in various capacities for the DailySource and occasionally work as a contract attorney.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a health care professional; please consult yours before starting any new fitness program. This blog reflects my own opinions, experiences and observations, and any statements attributed to others are possibly inaccurate due to my errors, not theirs.

This is not an official website of CrossFit or a CrossFit affiliate.

  1. I love this, I think you and I can relate, I just started a blog last week – http://www.poweredbycrossfit.com love your blogs! Great motivation!

  2. Let’s try this again : ) http://www.poweredbycrossfit.net

    I look forward to reading more of your blogs, I love it and can so relate. Keep it up, you are also very funny too, love it!

  3. Well this is awesome! I am super excited to find your blog!! I just started Crossfit last month and it’s totally changing my life. I think it’s so awesome you are telling your story. I wish more overweight/obese people would realize that Crossfit really is for everyone!! You don’t have to get in shape before you walk into the Crossfit box. I’ve actually found my coach to be one of the most compassionate people ever!

  4. Linda says:

    I am too so very excited to find this blog, I happened upon it while I was trying to find Crossfit clothes to fit me…I’m 48 y.o., 210 lbs. and just stated Crossfit about a month ago. I did the 6 night beginners class and then was too overcome with nerves and self-consciousness to actually go to class. I’m just finishing my second time though the beginners class, this time with my wonderfully supportive husband (who is thin and relatively fit)….I so want to do this and I know it will be good for me….finally glad to find someone who feels somewhat the same way….The gym I go to is small, with very supportive coaches. I too, was thinking of making a chronicle of my journey in the form of a blog….Thanks so much !!

    • Good on you, Linda! People sometimes ask me about having my husband as a coach, and while I’ll backtalk him more than I probably would a different coach, knowing that he supports me helps more than I can express. Good for your husband, too. I’m sure you will succeed! When you get your blog going, please drop me a line at crossfitfattie at earthlink dot net. (Note: I have the email that way to *try* to limit the spam.) And thanks for the kind words. Best, Jodi

  5. cricketmuse says:

    Thanks for stopping by my NaNo post. I have also been trying to lose weight and now that the drizzly of fall is upon us I wonder if my weight loss will return as I seek out comfort foods against the cold. I have a mini-tramp and that helps keep things going a bit.

  6. Dan Yell says:

    I’m glad I found your page! I’m looking for other people who have challenges that skinny people don’t when working out. I started a basic blog just to keep track of my progress for myself. http://mmaandcrossfitjourney.blogspot.com/

  7. You rock. I love it. My wife is interested in joining me in my passion for CrossFit when we move back to the States. She has the Paleo cooking down which I am so grateful for. I would starve without her. I just hope she doesn’t come across your foot rubs to soon.

    You keep pressing on, literally. Looking forward to catching up on some back blogs and seeing what you put out in the future. Keep inspiring myself and others!

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