Coaches for fatties

These are coaches who appear to be particularly concerned with scaling exercises to your level, who have worked with kids and the elderly, or who have experience or a specific interest  in working with obese clients (caveat: I have not personally discussed this with some of these folks):

If you know of someone you’d recommend, please add them to the comments below.

  1. Kythryne says:

    White Mountain CrossFit in Concord NH has been amazing all the way around. I have one class left in their nine-class on-ramp program and I am most emphatically going to stick with it after we are graduated into normal classes on Saturday. I went in on May 7th at 200 pounds, three months after having brain surgery to remove a 5cm tumor and one month after starting treatment for Lyme disease that had gone undiagnosed for at least a decade. None of the coaches even blinked when confronted with a fat gimpy chick. They’ve focused on making sure my form is good, while encouraging me to push a little bit out of my comfort zone each time. I’m still scaling pretty significantly, but I am amazed at what CrossFit is doing for me and I am actually enjoying exercise for the first time in my entire life. They’re doing a Murph challenge on Monday and I think I have a decent chance at rocking out a quarter Murph. A month ago I would have thought I was insane for even considering it.

  2. Anne says:

    I’ve been working out at CrossfitBWI in Maryland for 6 months. As an overweight girl, EVERY trainer has been helpful, respectful and cognizant of the limitations someone like I may have.

  3. pingadohtor says:

    Cream City CrossFit; Milwaukee, Wisconsin — Howie is brilliant
    CrossFit Brantford, Brantford, Ontario

    Attend them both and have had great support

  4. Hey Jodi 🙂 I would strongly recommend Crossfit Ignite Sydney, based in Waterlook (NSW). At present there are multiple obese clients that are working with the trainers there and getting some amazing results!

  5. Argh – fingers moving too fast as I type! Crossfit Ignite Sydney is located in Waterloo!!!

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